Skunk Creek Sediment Reduction Project


This project will restore Skunk Creek where a 1970s Red Clay Stabilization project is currently blocking aquatic organism passage

Kettle River Watershed


In 2016 and 2017, local volunteers and the Carlton SWCD helped collect information on lakes and streams in the Kettle River Watershed.

Nemadji Watershed


The Nemadji Watershed has long been known for its erosion problems. The Carlton SWCD is working with several partnering agencies and groups to help improve water quality.

Red Clay Dam Phase I


A series of three Red Clay dams were removed and a portion of Elim Creek was restored in 2014. Red Clay Dam Phase I was Carlton SWCD's first stream restoration.

Red Clay Dam Phase II


In 2016, five hundred feet of stream were restored where an earthen dam failed. This project helped to reduce erosion in the sediment impaired Deer Creek.

Stateline Creek Sediment Reduction Project


Working with the Carlton County Transportation Department, this project will reduce erosion and improve connectivity on Stateline Creek by replacing an undersized culvert and stabilizing a failing bluff.

Culvert Work


Funded by an Enbridge Ecofootprint Grant, the Carlton SWCD is working with the Carlton Transportation Department to address culverts that are causing erosion or aquatic organism passage problems.

Carlton County Watershed Dashboard


Funded by a BWSR Clean Water Fund Grant, the Watershed Dashboard is a tool that can help us target conservation projects where they will have the greatest impact.

Upper Mississippi Grand Rapids Watershed


Carlton SWCD is working with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to help assess the health of this watershed.