We Need You!

Many lakes and streams only have two years worth of data, but at least 10 years of data are needed to determine trends. Please consider becoming a Citizen Monitor through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's volunteer monitoring program!

Lake Reports

Interested in learning more? RMB Environmental Laboratory created reports for several Kettle River Watershed Lakes along with a county wide report.

2016-2017 Water Monitoring


Monitoring Our Lakes and Streams

Ten lakes and five stream sites in the Kettle River Watershed were monitored by local volunteers, our Conservation Corps Apprentice and the Carlton SWCD.  The monitoring was funded by a Surface Water Assessment Grant (SWAG) through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). The collected data will be used to assess the overall health of the watershed.   



Merwin, Bob, Kettle, Twentynine, Bear, Hanging Horn, Little Hanging Horn, Echo, Moose and Coffee lakes were monitored.



The Kettle, Split Rock and Moose Horn Rivers were all monitored as part of this project.