Skunk Creek Sediment Reduction Project

The Problem

In the 1970s, a structure was installed in Skunk Creek to reduce sediment and stabilize County Road 103. 

Unfortunately it blocked aquatic organism passage in the process. In addition, it contributed to slumping upstream of the structure which is now endangering the road. Our project will restore the stream and stabilize the road using natural methods.


This project will reduce an estimated 226 tons of sediment from reaching the Nemadji and reconnect almost 13 miles of trout stream.

Funders & Partners


BWSR Clean Water Fund Grant

A grant was secured in 2018 to fund construction of the restoration.

Fish and Wildlife Service Fish Passage Program

This grant will fund engineered designs and part of construction costs.

Carlton County Transportation Department

Staff will will provide technical assistance including survey and construction inspection. The department will also provide match funds.