Student Media Competition

Lights, Camera, Action!

Welcome to our display of the winning videos for the media competition held with Esko high school. 

Why the Competition?

The Challenge

We work in the business of conservation. Our mission is simple, to improve the land and all that it provides in turn. The constant hurdle though is getting our word out and having the public aware of what we offer. 

Improving the Message

A one size fits all plan doesn’t work for outreach. Hence why we tapped into the resourcefulness of local students. Their creative ideas and innovative approaches provide another avenue for us to spread our message and build the momentum for improving private lands. Not to mention, it gives them the opportunity to use their talents and gain experience in a tangible application that likely will serve them down the road.

A First Of Many

 This was not only a first for the students. In the past, we’ve viewed engaging with youth from the standpoint of building the bridge towards stewardship through education. However, this misses out on the opportunity of involving students and giving them an active role. Which arguably fosters a greater sense of ownership and what conservation can mean to them individually. It’s a more tailored approach involving students who are interested in the project and providing a view of conservation through their eyes.

Provide The Base, Witness Achievements

We envisioned that only a target to aim at would be needed, and the rest would be decided by the students themselves. We think the results speak for themselves. Our involvement consisted of providing guidelines, touring a land-owners property, and giving them a few hours to collect content. They handled the rest and we could not be happier and more impressed.

Our congratulations to the students featured and our appreciation to all those involved. A special shout out to teachers Chris Evavold and Laura Zimny for their interest and involvement in making this happen


Submitted by Lexi Tester and Jack McWilliams


Submitted by Michael Cornell


Submitted by Emily Hanson and Audrey Menor

Catching Attention

These videos were appreciated by more than our staff. Senator Rarick and Representative Sundin of our region had praise to share as well. 

Senator Rarick

Representative Sundin