MN Native Landscapes


Minnesota Native Landscapes (MNL) is a full-service ecological restoration company based in Otsego, MN.  They provide a wide variety of locally grown, certified, native seed and plants.   MNL produces premium, local origin native grass, sedge and wildflower seed on their production farms near Foley and Lonsdale, MN.  Meticulous attention is paid to ensure seed is locally sourced from remnant Minnesota prairies and grown, cleaned and tested to the highest standards.  Much of their seed is certified  "Yellow Tag" by the Minnesota Crop Improvement Association which verifies that it is of local origin.  


·  Start with tested, viable seed from local origins

·  We use the largest plug size available (36 per tray)

·  Soil- Soil-less media allows plants to thrive in a small cell until planted.

·  Greenhouse conditions- All plants are started climate controlled greenhouses and hand transplanted into plug trays individually.

·  Staff experience- Friendly and helpful staff with over 25 years experience growing native plants.

·  Species diversity, origin, and plant quality are important to us and our customers.

·  We track the county of origin for all the plants we grow and can custom grow specific origins.