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From trash to treasure

This past event focused on the benefits of composting and opportunities in our county to do so.

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Upcoming Event

To Be Decided

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Give Food A Chance

The remnants of cooking and eating often have a dismal fate. After all's said and done, they are thrown into the garbage. But the scraps aren't trash!


Think Before You Throw

Food waste is an opportunity waiting to happen. Through composting, the table scraps can be turned into a rich dark soil that is concentrated with nutrients for plants. This can be used in your yard and garden or sold as a commercial product.


An Act In Conservation

By recycling food scraps, you are helping in a bigger effort. Trashed food takes up precious landfill space and breaks down in oxygen depleted conditions which release green house gases like methane. Not to mention, the nutrients are trapped in the landfill

By composting, the nutrients in the scraps are reclaimed and provide a concentrated fertilizer of carbon, phosphorus, and nitrogen. Providing a product that benefits the environment and your wallet. 

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