The Red Clay Dam Phase III project is third Red Clay Dam removal/stream restorationion the Carlton SWCD is working on. This project is located on a tributary to Elim Creek, building on the success of our Red Clay Dam Phase I project which is located just upstream. This project will restore the stream and stabilize the bank where a 30 year old sediment retention structure (Red Clay Dam) failed, releasing 1333 cubic yards of sediment into the Nemadji Watershed. It will also fund prioritization of the remaining Red Clay Dam structures and start a discussion between land owners and permitting organizations. This project will prevent an estimated 80 cubic tons of sediment pollution annually in the Nemadji Watershed. Construction is planned for 2017. This project is funded by a BWSR Clean Water Fund Grant and an Enbridge Ecofootprint Grant.










Red Clay Dam Phase III_ Stream Restoration at Failed Red Clay Dam and Partner Prioritization_2018-01-10_07-14-11-AM