Environmental Benefits Index Tool

The link above transfers you to the Board of Soil and Water Resources (BSWR) website. BSWR has created a mapping system that utilizes a numeric Environmental Benefits Index (EBI). The EBI gives a score based off of multiple ecological benefits. The EBI scale is from 0-300 with 100 points going to each of the three independent layers; soil erosion risk, water quality risk , and a wildlife habitat quality. This mapping tool allows you to zoom into your area of choice to determine the EBI. It also allows you to choose  how important the three independent layers are.


The Watershed Health Assessment Framework (WHAF) provides a comprehensive overview of the ecological health of Minnesota’s watersheds.  By applying a consistent statewide approach, the WHAF expands our understanding of processes and interactions that create healthy and unhealthy responses in Minnesota’s watersheds.   Health scores are used to provide a baseline for exploring patterns and relationships in emerging health trends.


MnTOPO is a web application for viewing, printing and downloading high-resolution elevation data for Minnesota that was collected using LiDAR technology. It runs on a variety of devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

The links below provide quick access to monitoring data collected for the TMDL and assessment projects as well as data summaries and statistics for each project.  The Map Atlas contains pdf versions of all maps displayed on this website as well as additional watershed maps of interest.  Use the mapping resources link as your portal to online map layers available to the public and online interactive mapping programs.

  • Deer Creek TMDL Data
  • Nemadji River TMDL Data
  • Nemadji Assessment Data
  • Map Atlas
  • Mapping Resources

This page serves as a central location for all maps displayed in this website. Click on a map to enlarge them.


This is a map of the Kettle River Watershed

mississippi-grand watershed

This is a map of the Mississippi – Grand River Watershed


This is a map of the St. Louis Watershed

nemadji watershed

This is a map of the Nemadji Watershed

current land cover

This a map of the current land uses in the Nemadji Watershed

nemadji presettlment veg

This is a map of the Pre-settlement vegetation in the Nemadji Watershed


This is a map showing the relation of the Nemadji River watershed to Lake Superior

Deer Creek Map

This is a map showing Deer Creek Watershed in relation to the overall Nemadji Watershed