An Overview of the Nemadji Watershed

The Nemadji River Watershed is located south of Duluth, Minnesota, draining approximately 277,400 acres (433 square miles) of land in Carlton and Pine Counties, Minnesota and Douglas County, Wisconsin.  The Nemadji River begins in northern Pine County near Maheu Lake and ends in Superior, Wisconsin at Superior Bay on the western end of Lake Superior.

The river and many of its tributaries are known to run a deep muddy brown color that has been the center of a rich history of study.  The color is attributed to many unique features of the land and soil, and relate to the biological health of the fish and wildlife of the river.  Additionally, our understanding of the watershed and its sensitivities to land use drives the conservation practices we chose.

There is a powerful link between land use and water quality.  The lessons learned from historical land use practices on the predominantly sensitive clay soils of the Nemadji River Watershed have heightened awareness of soil erosion and its effects on water quality.   This website offers information about the Nemadji River Watershed, including how land use, soil type, geology, and biology all tie to watershed health.  You can learn about current projects going on in the watershed, including assessment monitoring, impaired waters studies, and implementation projects.  This website also offers access to resources such as water quality monitoring data and watershed maps.

Click Here to go to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s website for the Nemadji TMDL study.