Understanding the sensitivities of a watershed can help guide conservation practices. conservation practices are ongoing in the Deer Creek watershed and the TMDL study will aid in a better understanding of the watershed and facilitate guidance for future conservation efforts. Forestry practices, agricultural practices, stream crossing design and roadside erosion control are areas conservation planning and implementation that are especially effective in the Deer Creek watershed.

The Carlton county SWCD offers planning and funding assistance for conservation practices. Many landowners have taken initial steps to conservation practices through stewardship planning which offers assistance such as tree and shrub planting, erosion control, and forest management planning. The map below displays areas of Deer Creek watershed where stewardship plans exist.


Conservation Practices Successes in Deer Creek Watershed

In 2005, the Carlton SWCd, Carlton Transportation Department, and the DNR worked collaboratively to replace a undersized culvert on the County Highway 6 crossing of a Deer Creek tributary. A culvert enhancement such as this can improve the health of the stream by minimizing erosion as well as improving fish passage.