In 2017, the Carlton SWCD was awarded an Enbridge Ecofootprint Grant to fund the creation of a county wide culvert inventory. The Cartlon SWCD is working with the Carlton County Transportation Department to gather georeferenced data on every culvert on county maintained roads. This is important to the county for road maintenance and planning, and it is important to the Carlton SWCD because undersized culverts can create significant erosion and habitat fragmentation problems. Unlike past inventories, this database will be dynamic. Maintenance road crews are now able to add inventory data in the field using the latest mobile GIS technology as new culverts are installed or new problems are found. This data will be invaluable for future watershed planning efforts. A total of 890 culverts were inventoried in 2017 by Carlton County Transportation Department staff and their engineering student interns, Carlton SWCD staff, and our Conservation Corps Apprentice. As a result of the inventory work, several erosion problems associated with culverts under county roads were addressed within weeks of being discovered.