The State Cost-Share Program was created to share the cost of practices that are designed to protect and improve soil and water resources. Primary practices must be designed to meet the purpose of the practice, for an effective life of not less than ten years from the date it is approved for final payment. Primary eligible practices that may be approved by the District Board include:

  • Erosion control
  • Water quality improvements
  • Wind breaks for snow control
  • Critical Area Stabilization
  • Grass Waterways
  • Waste Management
  • Riparian Buffer Strips
  • Sediment Retention, Erosion, or Water Control
  • Streambank, Shoreland, and Roadside
  • Terraces

Through the State Cost-Share Program, land owners can request financial and technical assistance for the implementation of conservation practices from the Carlton SWCD.  To learn more about the program, or to request additional information contact the Carlton SWCD at 218-384-3891.